You must stop ignoring your inner voice and despite your fears, you need to have the courage to leave

your comfort zone.


We all need to stop rationalizing the stories that we tell ourselves that make avoidance seem all right, even brave and somehow idealistic.


A SENSE OF PURPOSE comes from knowing what you want and taking action that moves you towards it.


This purpose is different for each person and choosing to use it will give you something priceless.  It gives you the ability to create your future and to tap into your relentless forward drive. 


However, our often overriding fear of pain and failure stops us from challenging ourselves.  It stops us from pushing our boundaries,  our comfort zones and keeps us repeating the same situation over and over again.

The good news is that this is a behaviour can be changed.


The Rene Sonnekus Coaching Institute is founded on honesty and heart and when you are looking to discover yourself. 

Looking for self-expression, to start speaking from your deepest inner self with authority.


To become wiser and fluent to no longer dependent on the approval of others.

We are here for you.

WHY IS NEGATIVE THINKING SO POWERFUL? It's tempting to believe we can change our thoughts easily and replace them with positive ones. Unfortunately, it's one of those ideas that seems like it would work but it doesn’t. It fails because in real-life positive thought don’t have anywhere near the power that negative thoughts do, however;


NEUROLOGY = the mind and how we think.

LINGUISTICS = how we use language and how it affects us.

PROGRAMMING = how we sequence our actions to achieve our goals.

Here you will learn our guiding philosophy is that people respond to life based on their experience, beliefs and pasts. They cant respond to current events on point, instead, their view is clouded and limited and the only choices they can see are those that cross-reference against their past experiences. Leading them

to sometimes make self-defeating or even bizarre repetitive mistakes.


What we do is help to identify and break the cycle. We respect that every behaviour has a positive intention and everyone's actions have at least one purpose which is to archive something that has value and benefits them. However, we know that by helping

them to let go of a lifetime's worth of limiting beliefs we can radically

alter the way our clients think about everything thereby changing

the results they get in their lives.


Our approach to change is simple practical and effective. Informed by proven and tested tools and techniques as well as the latest studies in Neural and Behavioural Science, Neuro Linguist Programming, Hypnosis, Quantum Physics and

several-life coaching and change management models.


RE: FOCUS, RE: DIRECT and RE: CAPTURE is our holistic yet scientific cutting-edge philosophes designed to provide you with the basic and most advanced skills in the coaching world for radically altering your emotional attachment to

past experiences opening your mind to more choices

and changing your life allowing the

RE: VISED you the 2.0 if you will,

your INNER AUTHORITY to be set free.


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